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Tennis Tips – The Rhythm

By Michael 0

1. Footwork – The Boxer

Bouncing your feet like a boxer charging themselves up before a fight (moving the feet up and back, and side to side) is a good start to the kind of footwork tennis players need to have in between baseline rallies.

2. Find the Rhythm – Counting

Just like music or a marching band each tennis game has a unique rhythm. Take for example a steady rally between you and your partner (opponent). Try counting the number of seconds in between shots. Lets say the rally needs to have a minimum of 3 seconds in between shots. Find the rhythm in your tennis game and you will prepare faster for each shot coming your way.

3. Breathing

Have you ever done more than 20 push ups in a row with out exhaling? Probably not unless you want the next 20 consecutive to be extremely difficult. All tennis players need to exhale as they are hitting the ball.

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