Elite International Tennis Professionals
Elite International Tennis Professionals
Private Group Tennis Classes

Private Group Tennis Classes



Level: Normal
Limit of participants

Westside Tennis Private Group Classes

Westside tennis professionals have the highest level rating with top certifications by the USPTA and PTR. Some city programs or even high-end clubs can have large student to pro ratios. You could be hitting the ball incorrectly but the pro is too busy with other players. Here is what our group lessons consist of that are big differentiations from other local group tennis settings:

  1. Hands on approach
  2. Exclusive learning environment
  3. Extremely knowledgeable staff
  4. Customizable approach towards your needs

If you need help finding a group please contact us with your experience level and availability. Most of our new clients looking for a group we recommend taking a 1 hour private lesson or participate in one of our clinics so we get a chance to meet you and understand your tennis game. The more we get to know about you the better we can put you on the best track for success! To coordinate a time please message us at: 424.229.2381

Pro Group Rates: All rates base on 1 hour

$50 per student when there are 4 students (max 6) ($300 per person)

$60 per student when there are 3 students ($360 per person)

$75 per student when there are 2 students ($450 per person) ($170 for one offs)

*All rates above are based on a series of 6 sessions