Elite International Tennis Professionals
Elite International Tennis Professionals
Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons



Level: Normal
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Westside Tennis Private Lessons

Westside tennis professionals have the highest level rating with top certifications by the USPTA and PTR. We are a very hands on team that will go to all lengths to help you improve. Every student that walks out onto the court has their own style and personality. We are excellent at identifying these unique qualities and channelling them into a logical path for your success.

  1. Elite private coaching from top rated professionals
  2. Customizable lesson approach that suits your needs
  3. We focus 100% of our attention towards you and your goals


Scheduling a private time slot (solo or private group): If you are looking to set up a private time slot please contact us at 424.229.2381 to coordinate final lesson times.

Pro Private Lesson Rates:

6 lessons for $810 (complete in 2 months)

3 lessons for $420 (complete in 1 month)

1 lesson for $150

Head Pro Private Lesson Rates:

1 lesson for $200