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Tennis Tips – The Overhead

By Michael 0

1. Simplify an Overhead 

Instead of taking a full swing with your racquet hand by your side, try starting your racquet closer to your shoulder. David Ferrer is a prime example of simplifying an overhead and he has a very high execution rate. He also ends the point typically off one overhead attempt. Since an overhead takes a considerable amount of timing, by shortening the swing you reduce risk and instead focus on placement. 

2. Spin the Overhead

Another element to the overhead which will help with consistency is spinning the ball. “Spin = in.” The type of spin should be slice. If you are right handed your slice will cause the ball to fade to the left, so your target should be more to the right. If you are spinning the ball, the faster rotation of the seems will bring the ball down into the court.  

3. Placing the Overhead

A lot of times an opponent’s lob is hit deep and your overhead is struck behind the service line. In this case the more consistent overhead shot would be to aim back deep into your opponent’s territory. If you receive a shorter lob then you have more options. One being you could aim shorter and possibly angle the ball off the court. Another could be you decide to hit the shot deep.

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