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Tennis Tips – Spin Serving

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Why Spin a Serve?

Spin = In

Have you ever watched a baseball pitcher throw a slider or curveball? Notice that the ball dives downward as it’s going over the plate. In tennis when you spin a serve the ball has a similar effect, only in this case the ball dives down into the service box.

How to Spin a Slice Serve – understanding basics

Grip – Continental

You can choke up on the racquet to get a better feel when learning.

2. Start Racquet on Shoulder

Get into your serving stance. The edge of the racquet should rest on the shoulder. Have your fingers that are holding the racquet face your neck.

3. Toss

Toss the tennis ball at around 2 o’clock. 12 o’clock would be directly in front of you. 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock are to the sides of you (right handed players; flip for lefties). The 2 o’clock toss is the ideal time to learn from.

4. Tomahawk & Cup

Make a throwing motion with the edge of the racquet heading towards the right net post (for right handed players). Right as you are hitting the ball you want to make an inward cupping motion with your racquet face around the outside part of the ball. This will get the ball to spin to the left. 

5. Finish

To learn finish with the palm of your hand facing the net and ending by your left leg.

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