Tennis Tips – The Volley

1. Lead with Hands Continental grip so the “V” of your hand should be on the top bevel of the racket as if you are shaking hands. Lead with your palm as if you are going to catch the ball for the forehand volley. Lead with the back of the hand and knuckles on the backhand volley. Always reset your hands in front of you after each volley. 2. Trampoline Effect Make your racket come to life by timing the appropriate amount of squeeze to the grip. You do this right at impact. For drop volleys or touch volleys really “give” with the ball and squeeze very lightly at impact. For more aggressive and deep volleys squeeze the racket firmly at impact. 3. Footwork Try hitting a series of volleys not letting your heals touch the ground. Then proceed with the 3 S’s: Split-step, Set (racquet), Step.