Elite International Tennis Professionals
Elite International Tennis Professionals
Membership Sign Up Process


So glad to hear you would like to join as a Westside Tennis member! We look forward to getting you started and if you could please follow through with the details below. Please let us know if there is anything else you need. Thank you!
Our memberships start on the 1st of the month; however, new members can have discounted membership prices applied for the remaining classes of the current month. Then on the 1st the full month the membership will be activated in the tier selected. We will assign you a “Temporary Pass” which will allow you to make reservations for the current month at the membership rate after you submit the cc authorization form.
If you could please follow the instructions below to complete the process:

1. Payment: Credit Card Authorization Form: https://app.punchpass.com/org/6589/passes/55271?check=1550603974 (select a future date NOT today’s date to avoid the $1 charge. We will credit you back the $1 if you do get charged)

2. Liability Waiver:

    • A. Go to: https://westside-tennis.com/class-schedule
    • B. Click “Sign In” and you should be able to use your Gmail account to login through our Punch Pass portal. If you do not have a Gmail account you can create an account and password.
Beginner Membership:
$150/mo 1 hr class 4x per month ($37.50 per class/ save $30)*
$280/mo 1 hr class 8x per month ($35 per class/ save $80)
Intermediate Membership Tiers:
$150/mo 1 hr class 4x per month ($37.50 per class/ save $30)*
$280/mo 1 hr class 8x per month ($35 per class/ save $80)
Live Ball Membership Tiers:
$210/mo 1.5 hr class 4x per month: ($52.50 per class/save $10)*
$150/mo 1 hr class 4x per month ($37.50 per class/ save $30)
*lowest tier membership will be granted unless otherwise specified